Endless Dreams

  It’s dark and cold, I tried to find some source of light, but I can’t. I trip over something probably a box or was it a stick. Soon a gust of wind burst towards me forcing me to the ground. I try to block the winds with my hand, to help me breathe easily. […]

Random Thoughts

I look up to the sky and always wonder if someone is out there. I’m not talking about God, but other life forms. Humans or other species, maybe there is, or maybe not. Can we really be the only living thing in the entire universe? The thought of it is terrifying. But why do you […]

Never Meant to Be.

The soloist patiently awaits, While the masses tends to their seat. Where one side is for him The other is for her. Men and Women walks down the aisle together. Demonstrating their good looks, While hiding their true feelings. The main attraction walks down the aisle. The “lucky guy” becomes nervous with every step she […]

Three Words

Three words is all it takes. Three words that will bring you eternal happiness, or hardship and pain. Words that we as people use to commonly, And don’t really mean them in the end. I, a first person narrative, Referring to one’s self. A word or letter we use commonly to tell our stories, Or […]


Before they labeled me a thug, I was a person. Before I was a person, I was the devil’s creation. Before I was his creation, I was somebody’s property. Before that, I was a proud warrior. And Before everything else, I was a King.