About Me

My name is Andre Carter I started a blog to begin to write and tell my stories to different people. Now I don’t plan on publishing anything I put on this Blog I just want to use to see how my storytelling is. Some people said I can tell a good story and I always enjoyed a good story my self. So here’s hoping I can get an audience to tell my story to the world; I will also use this to “rant” out about some of the random topics I think about throughout the day.

What I also what people to know about me I’m a avid reader and today I decided to start reading the Alex Cross series written by James Patterson. I’m a huge fan of the crime genre so I would greatly appreciate if anybody suggest some great books to read that has something to do with crime in general. I hope to build some of kind of fan base and get feed back on my fictional story and to see if there’s anyroom for improvement.

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