The Women You Love

The day she came into your life was your proudest moment, and you instantly fell in love.

But that same day you began to worry.

You worry about how she will turn out down the road.

How she will act and behave when you are not around.

Many years have passed and she begins to replace you with other men and you’re paranoia becomes worst.

But sir, don’t worry.

For the day came when she introduced you to a man she been seeing and that man greeted himself with a firm handshake and confidence.

For that same day he sat down with you and told you everything about himself and what he plans on doing towards the future.

You don’t see the potential in this man and you watch him walk out the door with the women you still love.

You’re jealousy makes you blind not to see this man potential and right away you dislike him.

A few years have passed and that same man comes to you and tells you something important.

He says….. Time for you to step down as her man.

You look at him in shocked and was ready to put up a fight to keep the women you love so dearly.

He tells you It’s my turn to take care of her now you had your turn and did one hell of a job.

You look confused and put down your guard to hear the rest of what this man has to say.

A few months later you begin to walk the women you love down the aisle to give her away to this new man.

And half way down, she stopped suddenly and faces you tears down her face and says unto you.

No matter what, I will always be the women you love.

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