Failure Leads to Success

Here you are again sitting in a library.

Cramming for a test you don’t want to fail.

All those long and sleepless night, and neglecting your friends on a night out just to study.

And yet you still fail.

Now here you are bummed out and, upset over a failed exam.

One little exam and you want to throw it all away.

You forget my friend, you are not perfect.

Yet you “FAIL” to see this.

Michael Jordan once said ” I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”

So why can’t you accept the fact that you tried?

Yea you failed the exam, but you tried you’re hardest not to.

So what do you do now?

Now you learn from this Failure.

You work and study smarter not harder.

So when that next exam comes, there’s no doubt you’ll pass that exam.

Because everyone that is successful, all started with a failure.

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