I was always told that life isn't easy. Boy how I wish I took those words into consideration when I was younger. They told me to get an education to get a better job. They never told me how much I had to compete to get that "better" job. People tell me that the key... Continue Reading →

Life Isn’t Perfect.

I walk around like I have the perfect life, but only you will see it that way. For I know I don't have that perfect, honestly I think no one does. Sometimes I laugh to keep from crying, so I won't be able to show weakness to those that can use it. Lord knows how many times that... Continue Reading →

Now Your Gone

I remember you, old friend. You were always there, when I felt all alone. You made me smile, even when I was sad. Now Your Gone. I remember we always agree on everything. What games to play, and food to eat. We even had the same taste in music and movies. We had so much... Continue Reading →

Dear Future

Dear Future. You came to me in my dreams again. Are you telling me, that even though I'm struggling there's nothing to fear. Are you trying to motivate me into working harder to finally meet you. Because, I must say I like what I saw in the dream. I saw a nice house that I... Continue Reading →

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