The Adventure of Max

Five year old Max and his mother went to the store, like the do every Saturday morning. Max loved going to the store with his mother every Saturday, that’s because Max always had an adventure every time he came to the store. Many people including his mother had no idea how special Max really was.

As Max and his mother walked into the store and began to look around his mother turned to him and says, “now Max stay where I can see you, I don’t need you running off while were here okay.” Max acknowledge his mother command and stayed with here most of the time in the store. It wasn’t until Max walked right passed the toy aisle and his “special talent” was calling him.

Max walked towards the toy aisle while his mother was busy talking to a worker from the store, he stopped in the middle of the aisle and sat down on the floor and closed his eyes. Max sat there for about a minute or two and then he re-opened his eyes to see nothing move……..Well at least not to the adults nothing move, but in Max’s head everything came to life.

First the Transformers toys came to life and began to transforms into different vehicles and drove around Max, until he heard a voice “Autobots Transform and roll out.” Said Optimus Prime while they head into battle against their rivals the Decepticons. Max watched in joy as both factions rolled into battle and engage each other in combat.

While max was enjoying the moment Batman came speeding down the aisle in his Bat mobile chasing after the Joker. Now Max focus was on something new. When Batman finally had the Joker in a corner a loud blast came from the distance.

Max turned to see what the commotion was and it was Cobra commander and his fellow Cobras ready to execute their new plan of world domination; Cobra Commander thought his plan will for sure work this time, but Max was ready to put up a fight. He reaches for a box on the shelf and revealed the G.I. Joe team much to Cobra demise. Max released the team and instructed them to get ready for battle.

As the Joe’s get ready, Max requested the Autobots after defeating the Decepticons, to help with the coming battle against Cobra, and Batman wrapping up with the Joker offer his aid and brings along Superman. While everyone was getting ready, Cobra appeared and with their new allies the Decepticons with Cobra and the dreaded Megatron ready to lead their forces into battle.

Max was ready to take on the army of villain’s and instructed Duke and Prime to lead their respective forces into battle, while Batman and Superman get ready to take on the Joker and Lex Luthor. Both sides were ready to engage and so they begin to charge at one another, but Just as they were getting closer someone picked up Max and to Max’s surprise and enjoyment it was his mother “What did I say about running off young man,” said his mother. Max laughed. Max and his mother begun to leave the store, but not before Max looked backed and saw everyone waved to him saying their goodbyes as they return to their respective boxes, Max waved back hoping to go on another adventure with them.

When Max and his mother return to the car, Max became very sad until the unthinkable happen. As it would turn out Max “special talent” was more powerful than even he knew, that’s because everything outside from shopping carts to cars and light poles begin to change and turned into other things beyond his imagination. It was right there that Max knew his adventure was just beginning.

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