Rainy Day for Max

Max was not having a good day. He was sad because it was raining outside. Max hates it when it rains, because he couldn’t go out to play. Max sits in the living room watching T.V. but it doesn’t keep him interested enough. That is till something weird begins to happen around the house.

Water began to rise around the house, Max takes notice and becomes frighten at first by what was transpiring. He looked to his mom who was on the phone, who paid no attention to what was going. It was at that moment that Max knew what was happening.

He runs towards the window, and notice a city that had a water shape form with tall buildings and bright lights. There are citizens who too takes a water shape form and are swimming around the city, minding their own business. Until one of them spot Max staring out of his window.

The citizen swims towards the window to see who it was staring at the window. Max quickly hid behind the couch to avoid detection from the citizen. The citizen finally approaches the window and looks around to see where Max had gone.

Max jumps from behind the couch yelling “Boo!” The citizen jumps back getting scared of what Max just did. Max begins to laugh at the citizen, and in return he laughs back. When the citizen realize that Max is no threat, He called others to him. So they too can see Max through the window.

More citizens also swam towards the window, and are amazed when they see Max. They gather in a group and have a little chat. Max makes a feeble attempt to hear what they are saying through the window, but he gets nothing. The group breaks up and one them swims towards Max door and opens it.

Upon entering the Citizen change its form so that it can walk in the house. He takes a look around for a second till he spotted Max. He walks to him and extends his hand so he can show him the city. Max is at first scared to go. Fearing he would not be able to breathe under the water. The citizen takes a moment to think, and comes up with an idea. He puts his hand together begins to circle them to make a bubble so Max can put it on his head.

Max hops on the Citizen back, and they go off towards the city. The citizen is swimming so fast that Max had to hang on so tight that if he let go for a second he could fly off the man back. The Citizen slows down after seeing Max struggling to hold on tight.

They finally reached the city, and Max is again amazed by what he sees. He can see the people riding on Seahorses in traffic. As well as people swimming on the side heading to their place of business, home or whatever it was that they do here.

Next he sees children playing at the school playground, and one of them takes notice of him riding on the Citizen back. He gets off to play with the children, it is only short live since they all had to go back to class.

Max Hops back on the Citizen back and they go to the royal palace, at the end of the city. Once they got there Max walks towards the main hall of the palace and is greeted by the princess of the city she says to him “Welcome to our wonderful city, I hope you enjoyed your stay so far.” Max nods his head and laughs at the princess. At first she doesn’t understand seeing that there was nothing funny about what she just said, but she had to understand that Max was just a little five year old boy who is having fun. The Princess begins to laugh along with max, as they walk to meet the King and Queen of the city.

“Welcome to the Underwater kingdom, Home to many that live under the sea.” Said the King as he approached Max to shake his hand. Max reached for the crown and the Royal guards react to the action. The king stops the guards and examine the little boy. He sits down to meet Max’s level and starts to become entertain by what he is doing. He laughs so hard that he falls on his back, everyone around including the queen herself begins to laugh.

“Max!” someone called. Max looks around not seeing anyone who was calling his name. “Max!” he heard his name again this time with the voice sounding familiar. He sees his mother walk out of the crowd of people wearing a jacket with a blue umbrella over her head. She approach Max and the city disappears around them.

“You know you shouldn’t be out here in the rain you silly boy,” said his mom. She picks up max and walks back in the house. “Look at you all soak and wet come let’s get you out of these wet clothes,” she added.

Max takes one last look outside, and to his satisfaction a hand pops up from the ground and waves goodbye. He laughs and waves back before his mother closed the door. A few hours have passed and it stop raining, but Max was already tired from his little adventure today. So he goes to sleep eagerly waiting for his next one to begin.

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