What You Really Want to Say

You don’t deserve an apology. You’re such an ass to so many people. I would be doing the world a favor. If I just wipe you from the face of the earth.   I wish I can turn into the Hulk. So I can give you that Loki special. Better yet let someone shout “Mortal... Continue Reading →

The White Tree

We meet at the white tree every day. I remember when we met at the tree. Feeling lost in this new place. You take me by the hand and show me this white tree.   You say if I’m ever lost come to this tree. “This tree will make me feel safe,” you say. “It... Continue Reading →

Going Through The Day

Going out in the day, feel so gray. Someone says hey, you have nothing to say. A flock of birds, make the sky go blur. A pack of nerds, gathering in a herd. Sitting on your butt, get called a mutt.

If I think

If I tell you how I truly feel. Then it might change the way we see each other. If I tell you how I truly feel. Then maybe we'll live hapily ever after. If people came to an understanding. Then maybe wars would never existed. If we would all learn to love each other. Then... Continue Reading →

The Food that Bond us

Eat a pizza, say it's good. Eat a burger, say it's juicy. Eat ice cream, say its cold. Eat a pizza, it's cheap Eat a burger, you're cheap Eat ice cream, you're broke Eat a pizza, bond with frineds. Eat a burger, bond with family. Eat ice cream, deal with heartache. These are the foods that... Continue Reading →

The Unexplainable

I was an imagination left behind. Scribbles of hopelessness and fear. Scribbles. Carry me in your palm, like the suns beaming on my heart Running dog from a red laced river, and the brilliant red of fall. Little pickle, little morsel, Let me carry you in my pocket for all eternity. Real is never fun... Continue Reading →

Who are you

I took you in like a brother. Even though you didn't make the best decision in life. I still took you in, feeling there was hope for you yet. You're constant bitchiness, and your amazing ability to get into conflict. Almost makes me want to abandon you, like a parent who couldn't handle their own... Continue Reading →

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