The 90 Day Rule


Hey you ok? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong? Whoa, Whoa, just hang on a second. I’m here for you, do you hear me. I’m here for you, well get through this together. I swear it.

Day 1

Hey wake up I let you sleep in for too long, time to get up. What you mean you don’t want to get up. You have to let her go man, wait what? You didn’t do anything wrong, she was just an ungrateful little…don’t disrespect her, she wasn’t thinking about respect. When she was cheating on you.

Oh! I’m fucked up, well you know what, go fuck yourself I’m out of here.

Day 4

Hey I’m back, yeah I thought I wasn’t coming back either. But I see your punk ass is still in the bed. Come on get on up were going out today. You going looking like that, can you at least brush your teeth before we head out? NO? Go brush you damn teeth! That just nasty.

Okay you finally done, cool lets go to the arcade and take your mind off things. Don’t look at me like that. Yeah I’m looking at you, trust me when say there’s no one you need to impress at the arcade okay. Look just come down for a few hours and I’ll bring you back home okay? Cool let’s roll.

Day 14

Huh! Oh sorry I just got distracted, It nothing. I’m just making sure you get through this break up. And no I’m not singing you any old school songs, what you think this is a Tyler Perry play. Just shut up and watch the damn T.V.

Day 34

Hello! I’m at home where you…Why you at the park? Dude come on it’s been a little over a month since the breakup. Just stay there I’m on my way to you now. You damn assclown, you feeding ducks now. I don’t care about what she likes to do, do what you like to do and that’s just sitting there looking like a jackass. Not some creeper who pretends that feeding ducks is enjoyable. You know what I don’t have time for this.

Yeah I don’t, Oh! I’m insensitive, you should’ve listen to me when I said drop that bitch three month ago, now you’re just pathetic sitting there. Yeah you can stay here I don’t care, this was a waste of my damn time anyway.

Day 44

Hey someone is up early, I’m guessing you got somewhere to be. You going where again? Really you going to go see her, and do you need to talk to her about? Get back… No one is that damn stupid, Oh wait after seeing you I guess someone can be that damn stupid.

Look just watch yourself around her okay. I just got a bad feeling about this whole thing right now. Just watch yourself out there ok, alright cool see you later.

Day 49

Hey, how the meeting with the devil go? Ok, ok I’ll stop this time. I’m glad to see your doing a lot better than before. So tell me what she had to say, about her betrayal.

She wants to get back with you, are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean what’s stopping her from cheating on you again. She said it won’t happen again, yeah okay lying ass bitch. What, nothing I said nothing at all. But do what you want to do, at the end of the day it’s your decision.

Day 63

So How you been since you can’t answer the damn phone. Oh, really so you don’t have time for your friends anymore huh? Your mom called me, I guess you didn’t tell her you got back with the she-devil huh? You should tell her, yeah she won’t be happy about the whole situation. I mean why she should be happy.

Look if you think your mom is going to worry about it. Just call her and tell her, it’s not that damn hard to tell her your happy. Even though I think it’s complete and utter bullshit, but hey what do I know.

Day 74

Why are we here man, you want me to do what again? Look we been friends for a very long time, but playing peace keeper isn’t your strong suit. So no I won’t talk to her to make you happy okay.

You know you been doing a lot of stupid things lately. I don’t know who you are anymore. Listen! Listen to what exactly, because all I’m hearing is bullshit coming out of your mouth. Wait here a second let me run to the bathroom so I can get some toilet paper for all the shit that is coming out of your mouth.

Day 76

What’s up man, what’s so important that it couldn’t wait… Hold up, why are we in front of a Jewelry store? No, no, no you are not serious, why would you do that to me? Do you hate me that much? Or are you just that damn stupid? As your friend I’m telling you the truth when I say this is a stupid ass Idea.

Why are you going to marry this girl, she’s not the one for you. What about that cute girl who lives down the hall from you she looks like a nice… she’s not your type. But somehow that girl is the one for you. You know what I give up I can’t keep fighting you anymore. If you want to go through with this go ahead I’m stopping you anymore.

Since I know you go ahead and show me that ring, I already know you brought it before I got here. Whoa that’s a big ass rock, where you get the money to afford that? None of my business, okay. But one thing is for sure since you went to Kay you better get more than a kiss for that ring, what? I’m just speaking truth here.

So when you goanna pop the big question? Oh a couple of days ok just let me know how it went alright.

Day 85

Hey, hey just relax take it easy man. Do you know where you are right now? You’re in a hospital right now. You were shot it’s amazing you pull through man. Don’t worry about what happen- okay I’ll tell you. Turned out she didn’t cheat on you after all, but she wasn’t breaking up with you either.

She was ending an affair she was having with you from the day she met you. She was married to some guy, and you were the other guy she was seeing on the side. I know it’s a lot to take in right now, but from what the police tell me you was proposing to her, until he walked inside the restaurant and open fire on the both of you.

What, no she is just fine. Just minor wounds, it would seem you were the main target and not here. Her husband is currently in custody right now so you don’t have nothing to be…There’s no need to apologize we both made mistakes these past few months, but we always found our way back to each other. That’s what makes us friends, I stuck it out with you, because I knew you could get through this. But this I don’t know how to handle this, I need you out of this bed I need walking, so we can go back to hanging out.

Going back to finding that one girl for each other, I know she’s out there, were just not looking in the right place is all. So when you get better we goanna hit the streets and find those lucky ladies and were goanna make sure they go to sleep happy everyday okay, just you and me buddy, just you and me.

Day 90

Hey I guess this is it huh? This is where we part ways and go down different paths. Don’t worry about me I’ll be alright. Yeah it sucks that I won’t see you let alone talk to you for a while. Yeah for a while. I’m not saying goodbye to you, I don’t believe in goodbyes. At least not anymore.

Like I said back in the hospital it’s been a crazy three months for the both of us. We argue, we hung out. We tried our hardest to keep our friendship intact and I must say. Mission accomplish my friend.

Thank you to everyone who came out, to celebrate the life of my friend and brother. We been friends for a long time there were good times, and there were bad times. But this past ninety days, have been the best for the both of us. It really tested our friendship and we passed that test together. Now I just want everyone to know that my friend died over love, he died in something he believed in. Something I kept calling him a fool for.

But this whole time I been the fool, for I don’t know the true meaning of love. At least not yet, and I wish I can turn back time and learn those things from him. But why should I ? Why should I turn back time? It won’t change anything, I be right here talking to all of you again. Celebrating his life no matter how bad I want it to change it never will. Someone once told me that life is like a story and they all have the same ending, and that ending is death. But I ask you wasn’t it a good death or bad one? That’s up to you to decide. All I know is today is the day I bury my friend.

My brother.

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