The Heart Thief

Sitting at the bar, With your black dress. Drinking red wine, To set the mood. I approach you, Not knowing what you are capable of.   You smile and say “Hello” I tell you my name But you brush it off. Knowing I would be your next victim.   I’m blinded by your Appealing nature.... Continue Reading →

Space Girl

Staring at you from outer space. Searching for your amazing grace. Sending me to hyperspace. You’re such a pleasant view, from where I stand. Shining bright as a solar flare. I lower my shields to make it fair. But your kisses hit me like a cosmic blast. Hoping we can make it last. Listening to... Continue Reading →


Close your eyes and count to three. 1 Welcome to my world, and understand me better. Come and relax in a world, that I created just for you. Take off your shoes, and run around for a little while. I won’t mind, beside I did invite you in. 2 Imagine a world where, everything doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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