Close your eyes and count to three.


Welcome to my world,

and understand me better.

Come and relax in a world,

that I created just for you.

Take off your shoes,

and run around for a little while.

I won’t mind,

beside I did invite you in.


Imagine a world where,

everything doesn’t have to make sense.

A world where you can be anyone or anywhere.

Whether it be a super hero, a princess,

hell even a ninja,

or all three whatever floats your boat.

I created this world just for you to see.

Not just to keep it under lock in key.

Imagine where pain and suffering does not exist.

Imagine where you can make all things right.


Now open your eyes,

And tell me what you think.

You probably want to go back in.

I don’t blame you,

Beside reality is boring as hell.





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