The Heart Thief

Sitting at the bar,

With your black dress.

Drinking red wine,

To set the mood.

I approach you,

Not knowing what you are capable of.


You smile and say “Hello”

I tell you my name

But you brush it off.

Knowing I would be your next victim.


I’m blinded by your

Appealing nature.

You take me by the hand,

To where I do not know.


We enter a dark room,

And that’s when you make your move.

Feeling your kisses across,

My neck.

Your sharp nails

Clawing away at my chest.


I push you off,

To take a break.

Obviously, you don’t

Understand no.


You charge towards me again,

But this time more



Only this time,

I accept it.


The next morning,

I wake up on the floor.

With you nowhere in


Picking myself up

Off the ground.

Trying to

Remember your name.


Instead, I remember,

The stories I was told

By my friends.


The woman in a

Black dress.

Who drinks red wine,

To set the mood.


The one that leaves you

With pleasure and confusion.

Never mind the pain,

For I can heal from those.


Now I know why,

They call you the heart thief.

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