A Gamer’s Poem

Living one life,

Is so simple.

But living multiple lives,

Now that’s an adventure, waiting around every corner.

Indiana Jones wishes he was me,

Catching on to cargo while freefalling out of a burning plane.

Better yet Nathan Drake can keep that lifestyle.

Earth is in danger,

By an ancient alien race.

Now I must gather allies of

All race to take the fight,

To the Reapers.

Running around Italy,

Avenging the death of my family.

For a conspiracy they did not commit.

Advance a couple of centuries and I’m now

Seeking redemption to a fallen friend,

In the most beautiful city.

During its most violent time in history.

Protecting a city, that desperately needs it

Even with the Joker laid to rest.

For I know better,

There is a great evil coming to Gotham,

and I will be ready.

Leading an order,

That is hated by many.

But only loved by few.

On a quest to close a hole in the sky,

And slay a few dragons here and there.

Going at break neck speed,

Trying to reach the finish line.

Just before the cops

Try to catch me.

Finally getting a crew together

To go for the ‘BIG ONE’.

While dealing with a bunch of

Psychopath’s along the way.

Being a gamer is a wonderful thing.

Because why live one life.

When you can live multiple ones.

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