The Parting Glass


Every time I listen to this song, I begin to think about the decision I made throughout my life. I would think about this girl I kept bumping into on my way to class. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve said something different. Instead of always saying sorry, for all I know she probably would’ve been my wife…emphasis on the word ‘probably’.

I think about the nice couple that taught me the true meaning of what love actually met. How to look past the skin color, but instead look deep inside of their hearts. Because that is the key to finding love and happiness.

I think of the many friends I made in the past few years. They were good to me, always put a smile on my face every day of the week. But all I did was push them away because all I ever wanted was for them to be approved by my blood. How much of a fool I was to make them see reason.

I will say this though, I will always cherish those memories. I will cherish that girl’s beautiful smile every time we bumped into each other. I will remember the lessons I got from that nice couple, their teachings will forever stay with me. For the friends I made and pushed away. I’m sorry for my going away, but I too will always cherish the memories we made together.

So Goodnight and joy be with you all.


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