The African-American Solution.

I was going through Facebook just the other day, and I saw that one my friends shared a post of one of her friends; telling people how being a mix person has been tough for her growing up. The people that she identified with always persecuted her for being only half black. Long story short... Continue Reading →

The Cat and Her Owner.

The cat yanked on the shoe lace of her broken down owner. As a red river streamed down towards his shoes passing the cat. She continued to yank on his shoe lace to gain his attention, but her efforts aren’t enough to get his attention. A wicked laugh is heard from down the dark alley... Continue Reading →

Never Meant to Be.

The soloist patiently awaits, While the masses tends to their seat. Where one side is for him The other is for her. Men and Women walks down the aisle together. Demonstrating their good looks, While hiding their true feelings. The main attraction walks down the aisle. The “lucky guy” becomes nervous with every step she... Continue Reading →

Afraid to Ask.

I don’t want to ask you, Afraid you might say no. But why should I, When I know you so well. I think about the last person you were with. How easily it was for you to move on. If we we’re to end? Will it be easy for you to move on again? I... Continue Reading →

Three Words

Three words is all it takes. Three words that will bring you eternal happiness, or hardship and pain. Words that we as people use to commonly, And don’t really mean them in the end. I, a first person narrative, Referring to one’s self. A word or letter we use commonly to tell our stories, Or... Continue Reading →


Before they labeled me a thug, I was a person. Before I was a person, I was the devil’s creation. Before I was his creation, I was somebody’s property. Before that, I was a proud warrior. And Before everything else, I was a King.

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