The Cat and Her Owner.

The cat yanked on the shoe lace of her broken down owner. As a red river streamed down towards his shoes passing the cat. She continued to yank on his shoe lace to gain his attention, but her efforts aren’t enough to get his attention.

A wicked laugh is heard from down the dark alley as the cat turned to see who it is. A man shines under the light of the moon with a wicked smile on his face, as he tossed the shining sharp object into air catching it every time. The cat stood her guard hissing at him with each step he took. He shouted with laughter as it echoed throughout the dark alley with no one, but the cat, the owner, and the man to hear the dreaded laugh.

The cat continued to hiss at the man trying her best to protect the one person that loved her more than anyone else has ever done in her lifetime. The man grew irritated and sent a powerful force from his leg sending the cat banging into the trashcan. She screamed in pain and lies on the floor with no strength to get back on her feet. She watched the man as he turned the owner around as the red river became a fountain from the his mouth.

The man smiled as he twisted the shining object deep into the his stomach, causing him to scream out in pain. Which had fallen on deaf ears as no one came to rescue them from the evil man. The cat struggled, but gained enough strength to maintain a balance and started hissing at the man again.

“Shut up you damn runt!” yelled the man.

The cat continued to hiss at him until the hisses grew into a loud roar. The man slowly turned around to see the cat growing  bigger as the roars grew louder with each passing second. He became terrified and dropped his weapon and started to run down the alleyway staggering every few feet. It was to no avail as the cat had finished transforming into a large beast, and rushed to the man catching him by the shoulder. She opened her enormous jaw biting down on the man’s shoulder hitting an artery in the process, and viciously swings as the man tries to claw his way from his attacker.

The beast slowed down as the man feeble attempts came to halt. She released him as blood dripped from her mouth leaving a trail as she walked back to her owner. She returned to her normal state and goes back to yanking on the shoelace once more hoping she would get his attention.

A loud but drowsy noise came from the owner, as the cat paced her way up to him licking his face. He gathered strength in his arm as he raised it up to meet her black and white fur. The owner released an exhausted smile as he stroked her fur, while they wait patiently and with faith that someone will come. He managed to utter out a few words before passing out again. “Good girl, everything is going to be okay.”

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