Endless Dreams


It’s dark and cold, I tried to find some source of light, but I can’t. I trip over something probably a box or was it a stick. Soon a gust of wind burst towards me forcing me to the ground. I try to block the winds with my hand, to help me breathe easily. Soon a white light blinded me instantly, and I covered my eyes. Once I could see a shadow appears above me, and I look up to see a giant hand. I crawled back hoping to escape it, but the faster I moved, the closer it got to me. I raised my right hand hoping it will understand the sign of stop, but it doesn’t. It kept coming until it hovered over me. I watched in disbelief as the hand came down ready to grab me and drag me back into the white light. I closed my eyes and said goodbye to the life I was about to leave.

Soon I woke up inside of a car not knowing how I got there. Was it the hand? If it was why would it send me here? I looked around and noticed I was inside of a garage which was filled with supplies. I took a deep breath to help me calm down, and I let out a laugh that was soon disrupted by a suspicious noise. I became alerted and tried to investigate the noise, but the door would not open. I got to the passenger side of the car, and that too was locked. I tried the back doors and I got the same results. I sat back down in the front seat trying to make sense as to why are all the doors locked. I noticed that the switches to unlock the door were missing as well. I began to panic not knowing what to do next. When Suddenly a burst of flames appeared in front of me. I quickly climbed to the back window and tried to kick it out so I can escape. The flames consumed anything in its wake and surrounded the car. Giving me a hard time to breathe again. I made one last desperate attempt to hit one of the windows in the car with my fist. But the more I swung the more I was feeling myself fading away. I dropped my fist and laid down in the car, as I watched the flames surround me. I closed my eyes and drifted away into the endless void.

I woke up to the sound of seagulls and ocean waves crashing against the rocks. A splash of water hits my face and I lift from the cold sand as I looked around until mine eyes saw a bright orange sunset resting on top of the water. A smile grew on my face as I started to laugh and rolled in the sand until it covered my entire back. Finally feeling at peace with myself, I was happy where I was at, and didn’t want to go back home. Not knowing what this place was, but I didn’t care, and I didn’t want to leave it either. I just wanted to let go and let this place take me away from my misery and pain, but again it was interrupted by a loud buzzing sound. I covered my ears as I tried to prevent them from bleeding out. I fell to my knees as the sound got louder. I looked up to see a bright red light hovering over the beach. I reached out to it hoping I can touch it, the first time I failed, but I refused to give up, not this time. I made another attempt and reached for it again, I kept going as I got closer to the red light. Once I thought I was close enough I took a leap at it and touched a square like box. I slowly opened my eyes to see my alarm clock, I was back in the real world.  I turned to look at the ceiling trying to make sense of this. I closed my eyes and said. “Thank God, it was only a dream.”


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