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To all my subscribers and other bloggers who are reading this. I know that I have not been consistent with my updates and for this, I apologize. It just that with me working and going to school, it just been tough to find some free time to write. Well, the good news is that I’m graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, as well as got a part-time job in the police department until I find a full-time position. Also, as I’m writing this down I’m close to completing a script that I’m currently writing for a screenwriting class. So, I’m proud that I complete one of my first major writing projects that isn’t a short story. Speaking of which here are a few ideas that I’m working on for my blog.


Short stories series

Back in October, I have been writing ideas for a series of short stories that I can share here on my blog. I feel it would be good practice for my storytelling (which I’m getting better) and to gain an audience in different genres. My first series is to reboot my love chronicle series coming out with a rewrite of “The Locket part 1.” For those that may have read it, it’s the story about a boy who meets a girl and they really hit it off at a carnival. However, the guy being an idiot doesn’t realize this is the girl for him until it’s too late. So, he goes after her only to find that she dropped her Locket on the ground. Now we will join his journey as he finds the love of his life, and learn about other people stories. Speaking of which, I have other plans to write sub-plots in the series and before you ask yes, they are connected. It’s up to you to figure out how exactly are they connected.

Another series of shorts is a fantasy adventure that takes place before the novel I’m currently working on. I want to share these characters and establish their stories to the world. But their releases will be irregular and will not have a steady schedule. For example, I might release one at the beginning of next year and release the second story three to six month down the road. But fear not, I’ll be releasing random stories that will pop into my head.

Another short series I’m working on is a crime series, that will be connected to another novel that I want to get back to (I know it’s a lot but bear with me). This crime series could go from being funny to very dark quick. But many of the characters that I’ll write about will be connected to my crime novel. So, if you’re into crime and mystery defiantly look out for that.


Giving advice about writing fiction.

For the past couple of years, I have been tutoring kids that were writing fiction stories for their English classes. So, I will help them in their assignment by breaking down each structure of creative writing. I got a lot of helpful feedback from parents when their kids did well. So, I figured what the heck, maybe I can teach people by using my blog to help anyone who needs help with writing a story. So, I’ll focus on teaching the few things that I feel that are important and giving out random prompts.

Reading/reviewing books

Being in school for so long I lost a sense of reading a book for enjoyment. So, I want to get back to it once I graduated in a few weeks. My plan here is to take a book read it and share my opinions about the book. Here I want you guys to recommend a book that you think I should read (and easy to access) and give you my honest opinion on it. Which leads to my next topic.


Reading the classics

Next year I will read a classic book and give my thoughts and analysis on what the book is about. I will start off with a book that was given to me by one of my English teacher. Then from there I’ll continue to read classic books throughout the year. Again, if you think there’s a classic book that you think I should read let me know in the comment section or other means of contacting (which I’m still working on).


When do I plan on doing this?

My plan is to start in January and release about two or four short stories in that month. As well as any random stories that come to mind. I’m also thinking about doing a Pateron page to get funding to keep Microsoft word (it’s not cheap trying to write) but more on that later. I currently have a twitter account that I need to finish putting together, so once I’m done with that I’ll make sure to update that here on the blog. But keep on the lookout in January for the re-release of “The Locket #1” and another Love chronicle story. If you made it this far I appreciate you taking the time to read me out (pun intended) and sticking with me for this long. Happy holidays and I’ll see you guys next year.


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