I sit at the bottom of the lake, not breathing, but not drowning. I sit there as the water holds me down, nobody pays me any mind. As they are happy and don’t want to be bothered with someone like me. I guess.   Someone stops and looks down to see me. They reach out... Continue Reading →

I Am

I am a thug. I’m the one who stalks the night, waiting for you to be alone. I will aim the gun at your head, and say give me everything, phone and all.   You’ll think about fighting back, but you won’t. You’ll let me go into the night, wishing something bad happens to me... Continue Reading →


It’s not easy. Smiling at everyone, knowing deep down you’re hurting. Telling people, that you’re fine when you know it's not true. Not wanting to tell that girl about your true feelings. When you’re willing to watch her walk away from your life. It’s not easy, but you’ll make it look that way.  You’ll smile... Continue Reading →

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