I Am

I am a thug.

I’m the one who stalks the night,

waiting for you to be alone.

I will aim the gun at your head,

and say give me everything, phone and all.


You’ll think about fighting back,

but you won’t.

You’ll let me go into the night,

wishing something bad happens to me in the future.

You’ll go around hating people like me,

Thinking we should all be thrown in cages.

But eventually,

you will get over it and move on.


I am a criminal.

I’m the one that refuses to be a “corporate slave.”

Instead, I want to sell poison to the people,

and provide the tools for others to play soldier.

I’m the one that wants to get rich off the people’s suffering.

And you know what?

You’re more than happy to help me.

And I’m more than happy to fill your pockets.


I am a student.

The one that is willing to learn, and gain knowledge.

The one who is open to hearing any and all ideas,

even if I don’t agree with them.

I’m the one that wants to better himself throughout life.

The one that will,

do whatever it takes to stay out of jail.

But you won’t like it.

Hell, you’ll even keep me grounded,

 just to make sure that I don’t reach the top.


I am a son.

I was raised to do the right thing,

Even when I do wrong.

I was taught to always be honest and true,

Even if it means to lose people along the way.

I’m the one that wants to make their parents proud.

Not the one they would have to bury in the ground one day.


I am a father

I’m the one that will teach my children well.

Put them on the right path,

And turn them away from the wrong one.

I’ll tell them of my ups and downs,

My trials and tribulations.

And you know what?

You’ll be there for it all.

You won’t like it,

But you’ll accept it for what it is.

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