The notice and the unnoticeable

You make every guy on social media go crazy.

Secretly, you love it. But you say in public that you hate it.

A hypocrite you are, but a beautiful one at that.


Men watch you as you walk down the hallway,

With your hips swinging from side to side.

They all lick their lips and rub their hands together.

Most likely thinking of all the things they want to do to you behind closed doors.


But not him, he is seeing a future with you.

He wants to build with you, and father your children.

Rub your back and rub your feet when you are tired.


You’re probably wondering who this man is.

He’s the one that noticed you from a distant.

The one sees more of your intellect than beauty.

He’s been waiting for his moment to talk to you.

He’s the one that just got done writing this poem.

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