Finding My Voice: An Important Lesson

When I was young (age 10-12) I was on the track team throwing Shot-put, discus, and Javelin (age 12). And the one thing I hated about being on the track team was traveling to a different city to compete. We would be there all night waiting for everyone to get done and we didn’t get... Continue Reading →

The Man Who Raised Me

Happy Father’s Day

The Voice of Adcarter702

Son have a seat, I want to have a word with you.

From here until my final days, you are no longer allowed to call me dad; instead, call me “The Man.”

You must be confused so let me explain.

See son anyone can be a dad, but it takes a “man” to raise a child; specifically, a boy.

Growing up son, you will encounter many things throughout your life.

The one I want you to focus on is becoming a man.

See most of these “little boys”, don’t know what it really means to be a man.

They think having a lot of money, and getting the girls makes them a man.

How wrong they truly are, my son.

See son a man takes responsibility for the things he does.

They stop acting like a child and begin to make something of themselves.

They know not to disrespect a…

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Love Chronicles: The Locket Pt 2

I sat on the park bench with my eyes closed. As I heard the kids laughing and running around. It was a much-needed distraction from my search for Jennifer. The woman from the carnival, the women that got away from me. It had been one month since that unforgettable night with her. And I knew... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: My disability

 I have a stuttering problem. Something I have been dealing with since I was like six maybe seven years old. Can’t quite remember, but I do remember how much of a struggle it was to deal with it. Sure, I went to the speech therapy classes that my schools provided, but it wasn’t easy when... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: The beginning

I’m sitting here at my laptop wondering what I should talk about. Where to begin my story, so that everyone that reads this gets to know me better…Or hate me whichever one comes first. You’re probably looking at the screen asking yourself “How telling your story, is going to make me hate you.” Well as... Continue Reading →

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