Finding My Voice: The beginning

I’m sitting here at my laptop wondering what I should talk about. Where to begin my story, so that everyone that reads this gets to know me better…Or hate me whichever one comes first. You’re probably looking at the screen asking yourself “How telling your story, is going to make me hate you.” Well as we go down this journey you’re going to learn everything about me. My good side, my bad side, and my immature side (made this one separate for a good reason). But back to the topic at hand. As I was saying before, I need somewhere to start, I need to go back to a time where it all started. A time when my voice didn’t matter to anyone. And that place just happened to be in the second grade.

But before we begin I want to make something clear here. I’m not trying to create a witch hunt here. I’m simply telling you my story from how I remember it and how I felt about each situation I was in. So, to avoid that, there may be a time where I will not drop names to avoid something like that. But seeing as I been told I have a good memory of a lot of things. Let’s see how this works out. But first I like to tell you, thank you for reading my story.


Also, I just learned it my 4th anniversary since I started this blog. So, I guess happy 4th anniversary to me.

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