Finding My Voice: My disability

 I have a stuttering problem. Something I have been dealing with since I was like six maybe seven years old. Can’t quite remember, but I do remember how much of a struggle it was to deal with it. Sure, I went to the speech therapy classes that my schools provided, but it wasn’t easy when you had everyone in your class teasing you.

To avoid getting teased so much in class, I would try my best not to talk to anyone. Unless I was forced to do so. You know like doing group projects or activities in PE. But other than that, I tried my best to keep to myself. I didn’t like being picked on because of a disability that I had, or fully grasped at the time. Like why did I get it? Most importantly why me?

This disability has always stopped me from being myself because I feared getting teased all the time. I would try to avoid words that I always got caught on, or by finding alternative words that were easier for me. I even started singing just to help me get past it. By the way, I’m a terrible singer so don’t ask.

The point being here is that me having a stuttering problem, especially at my age still bothers me a little. Sometimes I go to work and try to make each conversation I have short and simple. Nothing too long so that anyone at my job wouldn’t catch on to my problem. But I loathe that I must do that now. That’s why I like writing, it helps me get my point across to many people.  It helps me find my voice in this messed up world. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Unfortunately, this is all I have for you today, but I will have something coming next week. Where I learned an important lesson from my dad. But until next time my friends, thank you for reading and have a good day.



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