The Bamboo Tree

Trish stepped outside of her delightful suburban home and grabbed the green water hose. That was wrapped neatly on a rack located on the side of her house. She carefully unwraps the hose and dragged it along her driveway and stopped just at the edge of her yard. Which is decorated with colorful rocks and rose bushes. She took a quick look at them and gave a half-hearted smile and walked back to turn on the water.

She can hear the stream flow through the hose up to the point it is interrupted by a black and blue nozzle that was screwed on. Trish walked back to the front of the hose and picked it up ready to water her plants like she does every morning. She slightly squeezed the nozzle and let the water flow on the area she was aiming at.

The funny thing about this spot she was watering, was that there were no plants there, just the rocks. Trish closed her eyes and hummed one of her favorite songs from when she was a child. Until she started to mouth the words to herself.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes. When you’re fast asleep,” sang Trish.

“In dreams, you lose your heartache. Whatever you wish for keep,” she continued.

She remembered the lyrics well, it was from her favorite movie Cinderella. As well as from her mother who would sing it to her every night before she goes to sleep.

“I wish you were here mommy. But I know you’re singing with the angels now,” said Trish.

A tear escaped her eye and she quickly wiped it away and regain focus on the spot she was watering. She let go of the nozzle and a huge smile developed across her face.

“Perfect like always,” said Trish.

Once she was finished watering the spot. She wrapped the hose neatly and placed it gently back on the rack. As if it was never disturbed.

Trish walked towards the center of her driveway. And began to slowly look around her small neighborhood. She always liked living there, it was peaceful, it was safe. And most importantly it put her in a perfect balance with life. This was the place she wanted to get married and raise a family. But she had so much she wanted to do before she started one.

“excuse me, miss.”

Trish quickly snapped out of her trance and stared at a man slightly tall wearing a blue dress shirt with black pants and polish black dress shoes. Trish took a moment to admire the man that just walked up to her, before addressing him.

“I’m sorry, how can I help you?” asked Trish.

“Sorry, the name is Mark and I live across the street,” said Mark as he extended his hand.

Trish extended her hand in return and locked it with Mark. They have a gentle shake, but Trish can’t help but notice how cold and smooth his hands were. But his eyes and hair tell her a different story. A story of stress and lack of sleep. The story of a man working a job that can replace him tomorrow if something would’ve happened to him today. But she dared not questioned Mark, as she saw it was rude and didn’t want to mess up his morning.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Trish. what brings you to my driveway this morning?” asked Trish.

“Well, I’ve been living here for about a year now. And I couldn’t help but noticed that you come out every morning and watered…well, your rocks. And was wondering why you do that?” Asked Mark.

Why indeed as the question ran through Trish’s head for a few seconds. How can she explain to Mark why she watered that same spot every day for the past year and not her plants? The only answer she could probably give him is the one her mother gave her years ago when she was but a small child.

“Life is like a bamboo tree,” she stated.

“I’m sorry,” said Mark.

“Life is like a bamboo tree,” she said again.

“You plant a bamboo tree and you care for it. The first year nothing happens, then the second nothing happens. After the third and fourth year, nothing happens, and you want to give up. But in the fifth year, that fifth year. A miracle happens, and the tree grows so tall in a matter of weeks and all of your hard work is paid off,” explained Trish.

“But I don’t see a bamboo tree here,” said Mark.

“No, you don’t, but you see my dreams,” said Trish.

“Oh, I see, I understand now. You’re watering your dreams,” said Mark.

Trish gave him a smile showing her white teeth. “Exactly, I know that one day my dreams will come true if I have faith and patience with myself. Then one day everything I wanted will come. That’s what my mother taught me,” explained Trish.

“I understand. Wish I had that lesson. There are so many things I want to do with my life. But I’m stuck at an office job every day,” said Mark.

“Don’t let that stop you. It’s never too late to accomplish your dreams. Only when our time comes is when you’re out of time,” said Trish.

“I see, well thank you, Trish. I needed that advice this morning,” said Mark.

“You’re welcome, now if you’ll excuse me I have to get ready for my own job,” stated Trish.

Mark smiled and walked back across the street. As Trish walked towards her front door smiling from ear to ear.

“Hey, Trish!” yelled Mark.

Trish quickly turned back around to see Mark standing at the edge of her driveway. “I was also wondering if I could take you out to dinner sometime? You seem like an interesting person to know.”

Trish was taken aback by the request. She thought to herself did he just come over just to ask her out on a date? Or did he really want to know why she watered that empty spot? But a familiar voice popped into her head, a soft voice yet authoritative. One she hasn’t heard since she was a little girl. It was her mother reminding her of the bamboo tree. She smiled and looked up at the sky and looked back at Mark.

“Life is like a bamboo tree, Mark.”

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