As I write this, I learned that I have reached 200 likes in total on my blog. Yes, I know, not a big deal to most. But it is too me, it took almost ten years for me to get 200 likes on Facebook. I got 200 likes in four years since I started this blog. But maybe if I would’ve taken this more seriously I probably would’ve gotten 200 likes a long time ago. But with me going to school and trying to figure out who I am. I totally forgot about the blog from time to time. But it doesn’t matter now, because that was the past. And I’m trying to focus on my future. But most importantly I want to thank the people who not only took the time to read my blog, but also like it. I also thank the people who took time out of their day just to read it. I know we’re all adults and have our own lives. But the fact that you guys took the time out just to read my stories, makes me feel good and makes me keep going. So again, thank you all for the 200 likes and here’s to 200 more likes…maybe even thousands of likes.  But as of now keep reading my stories and I’ll do my best to make sure that everyone gets quality content. And to give you guys a heads up. I’ll be releasing the next part of “Finding My Voice,” along with another poem this week. So, stay tuned for that and until next time my friends.


Thank you for 200 likes.

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