You call me a sellout!

Why? Because I speak properly.

Because I like to read so I can grow my mind and vocabulary.

And not put poison in my body that we can easily buy off the street.


You call me a sellout.

Because I would rather become an educated man.

Then some little boy carrying a gun to hurt people.


I’m a sellout.

Because I don’t want to go to jail.

Don’t want to be in an early grave.

I rather die with a book in my hand.

Then to die with ignorance.


So, I’m sorry if I’m a “sellout.”

But unfortunately for you, life has no return policy.

And me with no receipt, so, you’ll have to take me as is.

But I will say this though. This was the best purchase I made in my life.

And I have no plans to return the product.

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