The Locket #3

I stared at the black and white suit for a bitter part of five minutes. Contemplating If I should go on this date or not. After spending six long months looking for Jennifer I decided it was best that I gave up. Even though after hearing the inspiring tale that was told to me by... Continue Reading →

It’s My Birthday

As you can tell from the title yes it is my birthday today. So, I won't be posting anything new. That way I can enjoy my day (minus the going to work part). But I like to share with everyone that my blog was shared by another blogger named "it's good to be crazy sometimes."... Continue Reading →

To My Unborn Son

Hello son, you’re just like your sister. Visiting me in my dreams. But you’re upset because you’re sick of waiting. Same as before I’m sorry for I’m trying my best. Nice isn’t in style, but I’m not here to repeat myself.   Please sit as I want you to hear something important. I love you... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: My Parents

Okay, I have two more stories about me being in high school and we’re done with that part of the series. But first I like to take the time to apologize to my readers for not posting anything in the past week and a half. I’ve decided to take a break from writing but quickly... Continue Reading →

To My Unborn Daughter

I see you every day because you come to visit me in my dreams. You ask me “What’s the holdup?” But I tell you that I’m trying. The times that we live in. Being nice isn’t in style. But since I’m such a nice guy, nobody wants your father. Because being nice really isn’t that... Continue Reading →

Guilt (Teaser 2019)

Jason walks down the long empty hallway of his old high school. He stops at the trophy case to see a familiar picture. He smiles looking at his younger self in a group picture with the basketball team. He walks away still smiling as he straightens out his tie. He comes upon a set of... Continue Reading →

Space Girl

Throwback Thursday!

The Voice of Adcarter702

Staring at you from outer space.

Searching for your amazing grace.

Sending me to hyperspace.

You’re such a pleasant view,

from where I stand.

Shining bright as a solar flare.

I lower my shields to make it fair.

But your kisses hit me like

a cosmic blast.

Hoping we can

make it last.

Listening to your gentle voice.

Forcing me to make a choice.

Knowing you will be filled with joy.

When I say,

Scotty beam me down.

Calling you my space girl.

You ask me why I call you that.

I look at you and say,

“Because you’re out of this world.”

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