Guilt (Teaser 2019)

Jason walks down the long empty hallway of his old high school. He stops at the trophy case to see a familiar picture. He smiles looking at his younger self in a group picture with the basketball team. He walks away still smiling as he straightens out his tie. He comes upon a set of stairs that seems all too familiar. He stops to look down at the bottom of the staircase and imagine the mark that was left on the wall many years ago. The echoes of laughing students haunt his mind. As he can hear some of them chanting his name. He sits on the staircase and lays his chin on his hands. The chanting still continues, but instead of him smiling a tear escapes his eyes. The tear rolls down his face and hit his pants, with two more drops coming immediately after. He motions his hand over his face to stop the tears from coming. He stands ups and walks down to the bottom of the staircase. Kneels down and put one hand on the wall, and closes his eyes.

After a minute has passed, he stands up and fixes his suit. Jason runs up the stairs towards the school gym. Where he sees a table with name tags waiting to get picked up. Scanning the table while looking for his name. He comes up to a familiar name, someone he knew wasn’t coming. He picks up the tag and examines it for a while. Once done Jason put’s it back on the table and continues to look for his name. He is successful at finding his name and puts it on his shirt. He walks towards the gym and puts his hand on the handle. He looks up to see familiar faces in the gym talking and laughing. He lets go of the handle and turns around deciding it is time to go home, and how he does not belong.

“Hey Jason where are you going?” asks a lady.

Jason turns around to see Evie sitting at one of the tables with the name tags. He approaches her with a straight face putting his hands in his pocket. “Hey…you, what are you doing here?” he asks.

“I run the committee for the reunion. I’m surprised you took the time to show up,” says Evie.

“Yeah tell me about it, but I was heading home. The atmosphere doesn’t feel right here,” says Jason as he continues to walk off.

“Jason, wait.”

Jason turns around to see Evie roll her wheelchair towards him. She grabs his hands and begins to rub them. “Tell me you didn’t stop by the staircase?”

He shakes his head yes refusing to lie to her. Evie gives out a deep breath and leads him to a chair so he can sit down. “Jason you have to let that go,” says Evie.

“I should’ve never had pushed you down those stairs,” cries Jason.

“You were a victim as much as I was. You wanted to fit in with the team, so you would do anything to do it. I just lost my ability to walk again is all.”

“I swear, I never knew that was gonna happen. If I wasn’t trying so hard to be popular it could’ve been avoided. All of this could’ve been avoided, I would never be having this guilt trip for over ten years. I would’ve never- -“

“Had married me,” say Evie showing the ring on her finger.

Jason looks at the ring hesitating on what to say next. He grabs her hand and brings it close to his face. He thinks to himself, was marrying her just another guilt trip. Or was it pure love that helped him with the decision. “I don’t know, the question is would you had married me if you were walking?”


Hey everyone I hope you liked this teaser. I found this in my files today and thought I share it.  Now it’s called a teaser, because this could possibly be one of the new series I’m going to release next year along with another one. I give you hint. It’s a fantasy based series. So, please tell me what you guys think in the comments below and if I should change anything or just scrap it. Like I said I have other things in the works so it wouldn’t kill me to drop one of the projects. But until next have a bless and safe day everyone.


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