Finding My Voice: My Parents

Okay, I have two more stories about me being in high school and we’re done with that part of the series. But first I like to take the time to apologize to my readers for not posting anything in the past week and a half. I’ve decided to take a break from writing but quickly learned that it could be somewhat damaging to my blog. Again, I apologize for that and thank you for sticking with me.

This one won’t be an easy one to tell. I spent all last week writing this down and debating with myself if I should share it or not. After some careful consideration and some wise advice for a few close friends. I felt that it’s only fair that you learn the whole story about me and finding my voice. So, here is the story of how my parents didn’t listen to my voice.

Now I know we all had parents that will tell us “I don’t want to hear it.” But I’m positive that people will agree with me when I say, “You should hear it.” But not always, but again this is not about me teaching someone on how to be a better parent. This is about my parents not hearing me out when it was most important.

Let’s go back to my sophomore year in high school and a few months before I learned who my real friends are (A Hard Lesson). I got a phone call from my mom one day after school and she asked me if I made it home yet. I told her I just walked in and asked if she needed me to do something. My mom instructed me to go to her room and look at the dresser. For there was something there she would “like” for me to see.

I did as instructed and walked into the room to see a condom laying on the dresser. Now, in my mind, I’m thinking the school called her, telling her about the safe sex program at school and she wanted to be involved in her eldest child well-being. How I wish that was true.

My mother quickly snapped me back to reality asking me if I see the condom on the dresser. I told her that I was looking at it and asked her why she wanted me to see this. She explained to me that my dad found it in my clothes last weekend and they wanted to know where I got it from.

Now I’m confused, and I have no idea what she was talking about. So, I told her it wasn’t mine, but she told me I don’t have to lie about it. Which I wasn’t, because I really had no idea where it came from. But she wasn’t convinced, and she had my dad call me a few minutes after she got off the phone with me.

My dad explained to me that he found the condom in my hood part of the jacket…The hood part! At this moment if you need to walk away to grasp that idea go ahead. I’ll be right here waiting on you. You’re back alright let’s continue.

Now, my father was a respected detective in the city. So, to hear that threw me off guard. You would think that finding a condom in your son hood part of his jacket, should’ve told you some ass-hat put it there.

I didn’t get anywhere with him either. I kept getting asked the same questions. “Who’s’ the girl you like?” and “Who gave it to you?” And all my answers were the same “No one.” Well, at least not until my junior year in high school. But my answers were never good enough for them.

It wasn’t until the next day I learned that a friend (At least I thought) put it in my hood as a joke. Now, you’re probably wondering how I didn’t know about it being in my hood, right? Sad to say, but it was a big hood, so I never knew, until my dad found it.

I love my parents, but this was an epic failure for them. They never really gave me a chance to explain to them why it was there. But hey that just parents being parents, I guess. But that’s it for now. As I promised I have two more stories about me being in high school. The first one is about how I first fell in love. And my second one is a little light-hearted, but I think you’ll enjoy them both. Until next time my friends.

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