To My Unborn Daughter

I see you every day because you come to visit me in my dreams.

You ask me “What’s the holdup?” But I tell you that I’m trying.

The times that we live in. Being nice isn’t in style.

But since I’m such a nice guy, nobody wants your father. Because being nice really isn’t that attractive.


But know I’m still trying because daddy loves you that much.

I once thought I found your mother. But I was just a fool.

You call me a king, but I’m nothing more than a Joker looking for his Harley.

I know I shouldn’t think like that. But sometimes I can’t help it.


I imagine what your life would be like.

Would pray that it’s better than mines.

Filled with love and joys from family and friends.

Do all the things I couldn’t do when I was young.

Love the world and not show hate as I once had.

But if that doesn’t happen just know that daddy got your back.


I dream of seeing you one day, but now that dream is going further away.

I’m at a lost for words now. You must forgive me.

But I fear that you’ll be nothing more than an idea and I’m sorry.

But whatever happens, know that I’ll always love you in this life or the next.

Love Dad.

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