It’s My Birthday

As you can tell from the title yes it is my birthday today. So, I won’t be posting anything new. That way I can enjoy my day (minus the going to work part). But I like to share with everyone that my blog was shared by another blogger named “it’s good to be crazy sometimes.” I just recently subscribe to her blog and read a lot of interesting things. So, since she have done me such a great honor of sharing my blog I’m going to return the favor and share hers. Please take the time to view and see what she has to offer. Before I leave though I would like to inform you all that I plan on fast tracking my Love chronicles series so I can start working on my other projects for next year. So, I’m going to release the next part this Friday (I mean it this time) and work on the others for the coming weeks. So, you’ll  not see anymore stories from that series for a while. But you’ll still get the “Finding My Voice” series more regularly, so, stay tuned for that. I’ll  have  “It’s good to be crazy sometimes” link below and again thank you for tagging along on my journey and Happy Birthday too Me. Until next my friends.


P.s. in case you were wondering how old I am now. I’m 28 years old today.



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