Finding My Voice: Catherine

I think the one thing we all learn growing up is that a good friend is hard to find. Sometimes we find that friend and we take them for granted. Other times we find them and reject their friendship. I have a friend like that, I took her for granted and she was always nice... Continue Reading →

To My New Guardian Angel

I always loved how hyper you were. Even though at times it drove me to near insanity. I loved your laugh and your smile and most of all I loved how protective you were with your little sister. You always wanted to fight me first, then hug me after, telling me how much you loved... Continue Reading →

Minor Update

Hey guys, sorry that I didn’t post anything last week. Had a lot on my mind and thought I took a week off to clear my head. But I’m back with some minor updates to what is going to happen in the next few months with my blog. First, and foremost you probably won’t see... Continue Reading →

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