To My New Guardian Angel

I always loved how hyper you were. Even though at times it drove me to near insanity. I loved your laugh and your smile and most of all I loved how protective you were with your little sister. You always wanted to fight me first, then hug me after, telling me how much you loved me. Even though I say I didn’t you would call me out by saying “Stop lying, yes you do.” And you’re right I was lying. The thing I’ll miss most of all is when you asked my mom (someone you kept calling grandma)where was Uncle Andre. And once you saw me you ran and jumped right into my arms. Then have the nerve to whisper in my ear that you wanted pizza for dinner…again. Rest easy little one. I’m going to miss calling your name and picking on you. I’m going to miss how you screamed so loud that it almost gave me a heart attack. Most importantly I’m going to miss the crazy things you used to say “You want to fight, huh?” I’ll see you again. But right now uncle can’t go where you are. So, if you’re looking for me just look down and I’ll be here. Just promise me that you’ll stay out of trouble and no fighting people while you are there. If you’re good, uncle will buy you all the pizza in the world.

-Love always Uncle Andre.

R.I.P Kailee

P.S. You once told me you wanted to be a superhero. I’m going try my best to make that dream come true. Just for you.

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