The Locket #5

I sat in the waiting room as I heard the intercom go off for a fourth time paging for a doctor. I thought to myself either they’re not here, or they’re pretending not to be. Either way, it went I prayed that the I didn’t have to hear “Paging Dr. Harris” one more time. A few minutes would go by and my prayers were answered as I looked up to see a lady wearing hospital scrubs walked into the room.

 “Hello, Sam? Your sister would like to see you now,” said the nurse.

I got up from the chair and left the waiting room as the nurse escorted me to a big white double door with a black phone mounted on the right side of the wall. The nurse pointed to the phone with a half-smile.

“I can let you in this time. But in the future, you can use this phone to have them buzz you in,” explained the nurse.

I nodded, and the nurse walked me into the double door as they revealed a small group of nurses walking around to each room in the area. Zoe was on the left side of the room labeled number six. Which was funny, because Mom would tell us what room she was in when she had us. With me, she was in room four and Zoe was in room five. So, this new baby being in room six was kind of special.

But the thought of me having my own kids rushed me like a tidal wave. I wondered if my kids would be in room seven or eight. Or will they ever come into existence at all? But here I was acting selfishly again and not thinking about Zoe. This was her day and she would need me to be there mentally, not just physically.

“Hey sis,” I said walking in the room.

Zoe turned around with sorrow going across her face as she tried to give me a smile. She tried with every ounce of strength to lean on her right side to make herself more comfortable. But I quickly walked to her resting my hand on her shoulder.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Sam,” said Zoe.

“Hey, Dave’s here with you. He’s the more important one,” I said.

Dave, her fiancé waved at me with a half-smile as well. Something I noticed that has been going around a lot in this hospital as if it was a disease. “You’re happy that your child is coming right, Dave?” I asked.

“You have no idea. Nine months with a pregnant fiancé is literally hell on earth,” replied Dave.

“Tell me about it,” I said.

 “You guys are over exaggerating,” said Zoe.

“Oh really!” said Dave and me.

I haven’t forgotten four months ago that she woke me up in the middle of the night begging me to go get here a pizza and ice cream. I never understood how a woman can crave a mixed combo like that. But I was too afraid to ask.

“Whatever, I’m just glad you’re the father Dave,” said Zoe.

“And I’m glad you’re the mother,” said Dave.

My emotions once again got the best of me and this time they were here to stay. I gently removed my hand from Zoe’s shoulder and quietly walked out of the room. The walk back to the double doors was a drag. With each step, I took the hallways looked like they were getting longer and the people multiplying. I glanced at one room and saw two happy couples interacting with their child. For a second, I imagine that it was Jennifer and me in that room. Smiling and pointing at our child. I wondered what my kids’ names would have been if I had some. I wondered what they would turn out to be in life.


I quickly snapped out of it and looked to see a man in his fifties standing in front of me. My father rested his arm on my shoulder and easily caressed it giving me his famous look. That he always gave me when I wasn’t feeling well.

“You okay, son,” said my dad.

“I’m fine, just a little tired,” I said back.

The one thing my dad told us not to do is to never lie to him when we are having problems in life. He told us stories about how volatile he was growing up. Because he never knew how to use his words.

“Come, walk with me,” said my dad.

“What about Zoe?”

“I have one child in pain. And another looking like he’s about to break at any moment. I can’t help my child in pain right now. But I can help you,” he replied.

I didn’t say anything and walked past him towards the double doors and back into the waiting room. It was empty, so, I felt that this was the best place to have our conversation. I sat down and leaned my head against the wall closing my eyes. My dad took the chair on my right.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked.

 “I just have a lot on my mind is all,” I lied.

“Thinking about Jennifer again?” asked my dad.

So many thoughts ran through my mind as if I was Sherlock Holmes himself. But ever deduction I had never gave me a positive result. There was no way he would’ve known that unless Zoe went behind my back and told him about her.

“I also know about that thing around your neck,” he replied pointing at the locket.

I reached into my shirt and slowly revealed the locket to him. I raised it just enough to get a clear view of it myself. It has been two years since I opened it. Two years since I shared it with Mary at the park.

“Did Zoe tell you about her?” I asked.

“One day, the locket was left on the table in the living room. I opened it to see if I could learn who it belongs to. Once I did that I saw a picture of two ladies I didn’t recognize. So, I asked Zoe and she gave me the rundown on everything. But made me promise never to tell you.”

I remembered that day, I was running late for a job interview and ran out the door. Once I noticed that the locket was missing I thought it fell off at the place of my interview. But Zoe told me that I left it at home on the table. I never thought to considered that my parents may have seen it that day.

“It’s been two years and I haven’t found her yet,” I stated.

“I understand son, but you can’t give up. I’m sure she’ll turn up one day,” he said.

“Dad let’s be real here for a second. Things are different, people don’t date each other for ten years and then finally get married,” I explained.

The room felt like it was closing in on the both of us with no room for me to escape. There are times I wish that I didn’t say anything at all to my dad about things like this. But I knew that I had to get my point across.

“You didn’t listen to not one word of that story,” said my dad.

“Yeah, you waited until your thirties to ask mom to marry you after dating for so long,” I said.

“That’s because we were only dating for two years,” stated my dad.

 I have heard the story about my parents love life numerous times. And not one time did my dad tell me they were only dating for two years.

“I don’t understand. You and mom have been dating since high school,” I stated.

“No, we have been friends since high school. We didn’t start dating until I was thirty years old.”

“Wow, talking about paying attention when you guys talked,” I said.

“Took the words right out of my mouth,” said my dad.

I smiled a little bit as he laughed at what he just said. My dad was right, Zoe and I really didn’t pay much attention to their stories about their friendship and love life. We just assumed that no one would ever have the same story as Wade and Lisa.

“Son, if you really think about my story. It took me over ten years to have your mother. Sure, I didn’t have to go looking for her, like you’re looking for Jennifer. But I waited ten years for your mother. Hell, I would’ve waited twenty years for her. Why? Because I loved her that much and I knew she was the one for me,” explained my dad.

“I understand now. Patience is key when waiting for the love of your life,” I said.

“It’s defiantly key when you’re trying to replace an Angel with a Demon,” stated my dad.

“Amber wasn’t that bad.”

“If you say so, son. If you say so.”

My dad got up from the chair and headed towards the door and looked to the right where the double doors were located. He looked back at me for a minute as I sat there wanting to be alone for a minute after our little talk.

“Well, are you coming so we can say hello to the baby?” asked my dad.

 “He better,” said my mom.

My mom stood next to my father as husband and wife, and I quickly replaced their face with mines and Jennifer. My faith in finding her was restored once again due to my dad’s wisdom. I got up from the chair and walked between them with each arm wrapped around them. We walked to the double doors and I picked up the black phone on the wall and asked them to let us in. The buzzer went off and the doors opened. We walked through the doors and back to Zoe’s room where she rested peacefully.

“Hey, look who’s here,” I said.

Zoe opened her eyes and looked to see mom and dad grace her with their presence. Mom stood by her side caressing her forehead, hoping to ease the pain a little. Zoe gave her a smile and she looked at me and dad.

“I’m so glad you guys are here,” said Zoe.

“Where else would we be, honey,” said Mom

“I know, but still.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. So, glad you guys could make it,” said Dave shaking my father’s hand.

“Of course, Dave,” said my father.

I walked slowly to the other side of Zoe bed as the monitor behind me kept beeping every few seconds. I grabbed her hand gently and brought it close to my face.

“What are you going to name the kid?” I asked.

 “We agreed to call her Christine,” said Dave.

“Christine. I like that name. And I’m sure she’s going to be wonderful just like

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