Hello everyone, long time no see. I know I was gone for quite some time, but life got in the way. But I’m back now and have some news to share with everyone. I have published a short story (one I had time to work on) to a fantasy anthology called “First Love.” The titled of my story is called “A Forbidden Union” and the synopsis is as followed:

Legend has it that love is a powerful element in the world. At least that is what Zander believes when he meets a mysterious woman who is destined to die in a game created by a vicious empire. He wants to save her from her fate, but his father King Winford reminds him of his true mission of securing a few trade routes for their kingdom. Will Zander risk the safety of the routes as well as a war to save a woman he barely knows? Or will he sacrifice her for a greater good? His choice alone will shape the world and his life forever.

I don’t know about you guys but that sold me on the story (Yeah, I know I wrote it, but still a synopsis can be difficult.) and I hope that some of you will consider buying it on Amazon for a low price $4.99 for the Kindle version. If you’re not a kindle type of person (I’m not either) you can wait until the book is released to buy a physical copy. They should be available in hard copy and paperbacks, but I’ll keep you updated as the month goes on. Now to the big question, when will the book be released? February 28, 2019, so in just a month my first published work will be opened to the world.

I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous. This will be the first thing I wrote that will be accessible to many people. A lot of things ran through my mind like, “Will they like it?” Or “Will they hate it?” maybe someone will write in the comment section that I should stop writing and do something else. Or I might get some new fans to cater to. I don’t know, but the only thing I can do is wait and hope for the best.

With all the excitement, I haven’t forgotten about the “Love Chronicles” story. Truth be told I don’t know if I want to continue with the story because I realized that I made a mistake in the overall plot. But knowing me I’ll finish it and do some kind of “behind the scene” blog detailing what was going on in each story and tell you what my main goal was. But right now, I am working on the next part, so, I might release that either this week or next week depending on how it goes.

Finally, I want to add I’ll be continuing the “Finding My Voice” series as I enjoy telling you guys about myself. I feel that people should get to know a little bit about me and “try” to understand how this brain works, but don’t expect a weekly update. The releases will be inconsistent if I feel that I should have something to talk about. However, when it comes to my short stories, I will no longer be doing weekly releases as I feel that I’m pushing myself to get a story out, and not releasing a quality story. So, for now, when I have a story ready to go, I’ll put it on my blog. I hope that you’ll understand and continue to support me.

Well, that’s it for now. I like to thank you guys for continuing to subscribe and support me as my journey of becoming an author is in full motion now. I hope you guys considered buying the book and supporting me. I know people don’t like anthologies, especially from a fantasy setting. But I’ll really appreciate it if you help me and my fellow authors out.

Until next time my friends.


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