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First Love: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology (Epic Romance Anthology Book 1) Hey guys! The book "First Love" which features my short story "A Forbidden Union." I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would take the time out of your day and order the book. It's available in both physical and Kindle. If... Continue Reading →

Bound by Blood

Wade and Nicholas stood outside of the gas station about thirty minutes before midnight, waiting on an old lady to finish up her conversation with the owner. Nicholas the older brother leaned against the wall, inhaling the cold thin air while his younger brother Wade slowly paced a small area, glancing inside the store every... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time

Once up a time, We used to be brothers. Now were enemies,  setting up for a war. Our armies at the ready, let the best man win.   I used to be filled with love and joy. Hatred has now taken its place, Grasping my soul, dragging me down. It’s dark and cold, It’s lonely... Continue Reading →

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