Bound by Blood

Wade and Nicholas stood outside of the gas station about thirty minutes before midnight, waiting on an old lady to finish up her conversation with the owner. Nicholas the older brother leaned against the wall, inhaling the cold thin air while his younger brother Wade slowly paced a small area, glancing inside the store every few seconds.

“What other solutions do you have? Calling your rich dad?” asked Nicholas.

Wade stopped and joined his brother on the wall ignoring what he just said, “We shouldn’t do this, I want her to get better just like you. But that won’t happen if we go through with this,” said Wade.

“It’ll be fine all we have to do is be calm and smart, and we’re home free little brother,” stated Nicholas.

A jingle sound caught their attention, as the old woman walked out of the store and looked over to see the two boys standing next to each other. She smiled at both as she continued to walk, Wade and Nicholas returned one of their own as they entered the store.

“Hey, can you two kids hurry up, I’m closing in a couple of minutes,” said the store clerk.

Wade nodded his head and walked toward the back of the store. Nicholas stood at the front looking at the few bags of chips that remained, none of them he had a taste for. He slowly reached under his shirt and remained stationary as Wade continued to browse in the back looking at the huge selection of sports drinks and sodas.

“Hey kid, a few more minutes and I need to close up. You Mister Mannequin! You only have a few things to pick from it’s not that hard to decide,” said the clerk.

“You’re right, it’s not hard at all,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas pulled his father’s Glock and aimed it right at the man, “Just give me the damn money and we’ll be on our way!” shouted Nicholas.

The old man raised his hands up and slowly move to the cash register. “Hurry the hell up!” Nicholas shouted again.

Wade slowly walked from the back and made it to the front of the store, watching his brother shake in fear. He knew this was wrong and they were in way over their heads.

“Nicholas, stop this please!” yelled wade.

Nicholas turned around, fire in his eyes as he stared into his little brother’s soul. The store clerk took advantage of the distraction and pulled out a silver Colt 1911 and aimed it at Nicholas. Wade eyes opened wide and made a run towards his brother. A gunshot filled the air, followed by silence.

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