Announcements/Reconstruction of Blog

It’s been a month since my last entry and still no update on the LC series. I know, I promised to release one, months ago, but due to me being a published writer my focus shifted for the time being. I would tell you to look out for it next week, but then I’ll just be lying to you guys…again and I don’t want that. So, all I ask is that you guys hang in there, while I focus on two projects that needs my urgent attention right now.  Which leads me to my next part of this entry.

Dragons and Coffins

This will be the second anthology that I plan on entering which will feature dragons and Vampires, and I must manage my time here to get this story written out, beta read, and edit by the end of next month. The publishing company is only taking twenty-five authors and they already have six. That leaves nineteen spots left and I would love it if one of those spots were mines. Also, this one seems to be extremely popular than the last one, so I must work hard and do it well.




Now this one, this title means a lot to me on a personal level. I believe the time has come that I start writing my debut novel and tell a story that I’ve been wanting to tell you guys for a while. It’s a coming of age story about a young black kid who goes through ten years of his life trying to find happiness and purpose. You will witness this kid go through things, that many can relate to. Betrayal, hatred, love, self-doubt, and faith. As you’re reading this, I have already written three chapters of the book with a total of over 4k words. I don’t know how many chapters or words the final version will be. But my goal is to tell a powerful story about a young man’s journey through adulthood. It was a story I always wanted to tell for the past few years, and now it seems like a great time to tell it to you all. I hope that when the book gets published and it’s ready to be released that you’ll give it a chance and read it, and let your friends and family know.

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Lastly, I did two interviews pertaining to the fantasy anthology mentioned earlier and as I much I appreciate the support from both of those guys for helping me out. I did take the time to learn a lot about myself and want I need to work on. First, time management, for as long as I can remember I always waited until the last minute to do anything. Which leads me to rush my work and not properly proofreading/editing it for a nice clean read. For the next few weeks, I’m going to start working on a schedule to manage my time better and deliver everyone great content from my writing. Whether that comes from a blog or future books.

Secondly, I came to the realization that it’s time to reconstruct my blog once more. I noticed that my about me page needs to be updated as it has been some time since I wrote that, and things have changed since then. So, I’ll be working on that for the remainder of the day as well as figuring out my schedule. Again, if you’re still coming to my page even now, I appreciate you guys for sticking around and to those that I have lost, thank you for tagging along anyway. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be here right now writing this.


Until next time.

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