A Nice Guy With No Love.

Imagine waking up and you’re filled with joy. You shower and put on your Sunday’s best. That expensive ass cologne your momma got you a few weeks before the birth of Christ, at the J.C. Penny store.   Now cupid shows his ass arrows at the ready. Looking for that lucky couple and you’re praying... Continue Reading →

My Commandments

Thou shall not be thy self. For people will not understand your personalities, For what they do not understand, they fear. For what they fear, they hate. And for what they hate, they shall destroy.   Thou shall not love. For if thou do, you will find nothing but heartaches and stress. You will be... Continue Reading →

I’ve Lost Everything

I’ve lost my way, my truth. My mind is not what I thought, and my personality is nothing but a fantasy. The world I once knew is vanishing right in front of me.   I’ve lost the people that gave me strength. Along with the love they have embedded inside of me. The phrase “Praise... Continue Reading →

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