My Commandments

Thou shall not be thy self.

For people will not understand your personalities,

For what they do not understand, they fear.

For what they fear, they hate.

And for what they hate, they shall destroy.


Thou shall not love.

For if thou do, you will find nothing but heartaches and stress.

You will be punished by the weight of negative thoughts.

Till you beg for death to be swift and painless.


Thou shall always bear false witness.

For your truth means nothing and your lies will change someone’s world.

Your reward shall be titled of the “ignored” and only heard when spoken to.


Thou shall always harbor the demons deep inside.

For the voice of the most-high and his angels are not allowed to be thy company.

For thou shall be tormented for eternity with thy demons to keep thou company.

No Angel or God is coming for thy salvation. 

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