Crimes against Humanities.

We hereby find you guilty of the following crimes. The crime of being yourself! Your unique personality and your brutal honesty have destroyed the person's unjust behavior and beliefs.   You have been found guilty of finding love. With every requirement of a good partner met, you are seen as weak in the eyes of... Continue Reading →

King and Queen

Ladies ask for a king, so they can feel like a Queen. Instead, they choose a Jester over a Prince. They rather be entertained and played for a fool, Then build a kingdom and turn it into an Empire.   They would rather tear down a king to see him in tears. Then hype up... Continue Reading →


The crowd walks by and you sit there with a blank face. Watching life and the world pass you by. There’s a girl! A goddess amongst the rest. You stare but not too much, but just enough to keep your eye on her.   She looks, but you don’t stare, even though you go unnoticed.... Continue Reading →

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