King and Queen

Ladies ask for a king, so they can feel like a Queen.

Instead, they choose a Jester over a Prince.

They rather be entertained and played for a fool,

Then build a kingdom and turn it into an Empire.


They would rather tear down a king to see him in tears.

Then hype up the clowns, while they pick apart their minds and personalities.

And when the clowns are done wreaking havoc.

All they will do is write on a wall running a true king’s name through the cyber mud.


Men ask for a queen, so they can be leaders and providers.

Instead, they choose a Harpy over a Princes.

They rather be annoyed, and their full potential held back.

Then to lead a Queen and his people into the future.


Men will take their broken hearts and transform into the jester.

And find a Queen, turning her into a harpy.

The cycle of love is destroyed, and the cycle of hatred begins.

Then just like the Israelites of old, we are left to wander the earth,

Never finding the Promise Land.

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