I Am!

I Am a warrior!

With a dull sword and a broken shield.

Nothing more of a shadow of Maximus and Wallace.

With nothing to fight for, but my own EGO.


I Am Judah! 

Not a Romeo and less of a Casanova.

But with words like a serpent and I’ll have her feeling like a victim.

Fearing one day that I will bear a child with the one that I hurt the most.


I wish I had the strength of Joseph!

The humility of Abraham.

The faith of Moses.

And the fierce heart of Shaka.


Not knowing who I truly am is hard enough.

But the truth will set you free, so they say.

For all I see is the truth putting me in a cage.

A stronghold to stop me from moving with no support coming.

And me with a dull sword and a broken shield.

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