I’ve Lost Everything Pt II

I stand here before you all reborn.

Settled with my past and sins towards others.

I have forgiven those that have sinned against me,

And I have forgiven myself.


The persona that I held close for about decade is gone and is never returning.

My new heaven awaits,

But my new earth is forming around me as we speak.


For those that I lost, see them again, I believe.

For those still to come, I pray for long and prosperous life.

And to those that plan on walking out on me!

Please exit stage left.


The EGO is defeated for now, and the conscious is now taking front and center.

Every dream and goal has been planted by life.

Now I’m following the road set before me, though it won’t be easy, it will be done.

My truth is mines and mines alone.

I’ve lost everything and now…I’m starting anew.

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