My New Commandments

Thou shall be thy self.

For people will still not understand thou, for what they do not understand,

It doesn’t make it thy job to make them.

For they fear because they choose. They hate it because they choose.

And they destroy because…you get the point.


Thou shall always love.

For when thou does, thou will hold that person tight,

And love them for all eternity.

For thou reward shall be loved multiple times over.

Until thy beg for peace and solitude (No, you won’t).


Thou shall no longer bear false witness.

For thy truth means everything, and thy lie means nothing!

Thou reward shall be titled “humble and wise.”

People shall hear thou truth, whether they like it or not.


Thou Shall release thy demons and invite the most high and his heavenly warriors.

For thou shall be free and salvation around the corner.

For thy New Earth and New Heaven is created for you.

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