Did You Know?

Grandma, when you first held me, your eldest grandchild.

Did you know that I would be gifted with putting words to paper?

Better than I could with my mouth?


When you held your second grandchild.

Did you know with his charisma and ability to speak well,

that he would influence the next generation, for years to come?


When you held your youngest grandchild.

Did you know his curiosity would inspire him to chase a dream he once thought impossible?

Or Become the father you always imagine he’ll be?


When you laid your eyes on your great-grandbabies.

Did you know they would be in good hands?


Grandma, before you left to join the others.

Did you know your grandchildren will be just fine without you?

I know the answer will come when we meet again.

But until then see you later and rest easy.


In loving memory of our Grandma & GG

Love always your grandkids.

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