Author Interview: LaLa Leo

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday, and boy do I have a treat for you all. We have here today a newly published writer on the scene and she was excited to do this interview when I asked her. So, please show lots of love and support to LaLa Leo as I give the floor to... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: What we could learn from Chappelle Jokes about Suicide.

Welcome back to Mental Monday and as promised I delivered…on a Monday. Now, in case you forgot about last week's topic. You can check it here, and for those that did or are too lazy to read another article. Remember when I mentioned saying things like “People who kill themselves are selfish” is not something... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Simon Dillon

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! Today I have for you another collaborator from last year’s “First Love” Anthology. All the way from the United Kingdom is Simon Dillon. Who mainly writes in gothic mystery horror/thriller and Sci-fi books. I could go on about this guy, but I’ll let him do the talking.   Please introduce... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Suicide Is Not Selfish.

Welcome back to Mental Monday (I know it's Tuesday, but the holidays came and yeah, now we're here), and by reading the headline. You’re probably looking at your computer screen like “WTF,” right? Well, you read it right the first time and the second time, and probably the third and fourth time. Hell, just winging... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Melinda Kuscera

Okay! As promised today is Wednesday which means that today is Writing Wednesday. Thinking about it I might need a new name for this one. I don’t know yet, let me know in the comments below. Any who, back on topic. I would like to introduce you all to Melinda Kucsera who was a fellow... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Introduction

Well, we’re here now and it’s time I came out with it. No more hiding from it, no more telling people I’m having a great day. I’m not, I don’t even remember the last good day I had. Christmas sucked, New Year’s sucked, hell starting off 2020 just sucks. I have lost the opportunity of... Continue Reading →

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