Mental Monday: Suicide Is Not Selfish.

Welcome back to Mental Monday (I know it’s Tuesday, but the holidays came and yeah, now we’re here), and by reading the headline. You’re probably looking at your computer screen like “WTF,” right? Well, you read it right the first time and the second time, and probably the third and fourth time. Hell, just winging it here, but you probably stared at that headline for about a good ten minutes thinking I’m insane. That’s fine though, it really is. If I could have a moment of your time and an open mind though I’ll explain why I feel this way. However, before we continue just know that this is a two-part topic and the next one will be release next week on Monday for sure. I promise guys, it’ll be next Monday.

Now let’s begin, you remember that Netflix show called “13 Reasons Why.” You know the girl Hannah Baker that killed herself and she sent tapes explaining why she ended her own life. Well, have you read the book? If so, did you look at the one-star reviews about how she, Hannah, was called selfish, vindictive, and self-centered. Do you know what I think about people like that? One word… misunderstood.

People who have killed themselves are not self-centered, vindictive, or most importantly selfish. Why? Well, think about someone you know who’s dealing with depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Think about the pain they are in, think about how they want it all to just stop and never come back. Sooner or later without the proper help, or someone to reach out too, they’re going to end the pain the only way they “think” they know how…death.

You’re probably saying that there’re people out there that can help them. Therapy is a great tool and you won’t get any argument from me, but I’ll talk more about that later. The point is society needs to stop saying “People who kill themselves are selfish,” which they’re not. Try being alone for an entire month. No one calling your phone, not having a significant other, feeling worthless, alone, and isolated. Try that for a month and you might comeback but do it for years sooner or later you’re going to break.

If you’re one of the misunderstood, then just hear me out. You may think that killing yourself is a vindictive move to get back at people that hurt us. It’s not, no one would attempt to kill themselves to hurt those that hurt them. There’s no point to it, nothing changes, except with one less person in the world. I’ll be honest there have been a few times that I wanted my life to end. The thought of suicide entered my mind probably twice, maybe three times in my life. But what made me not want to go through with it?

Faith, faith that I’ll get through this just like the other episodes that I had in the past. Faith that if I get out of bed in the morning and walk out the door, that I’ll make things better for myself. Has it worked? Somewhat, but that’s a different story for a different day. All I’m saying to you, the reader, stop saying that suicide is selfish. It’s not and I know telling people is considered a deterrent to stop them from doing it, but you can’t just stop there. You can’t say that and let people with suicidal thoughts go on in life. You must give them a reason to live, a legit reason at that. What is a good reason?

Well, that varies sometimes just giving them a simple compliment will do it. Always being there for them, whether that’s on the phone or in person. Show them that someone cares about their wellbeing. Invite them to things even if they only come out for an hour or less. Hell, make a surprise visit to their homes. You may never know you might make their day. The most important thing though, show them how to get back up and fight back.

That’s all I have for you today and thank you for coming by to read this week’s Mental Monday. As I said earlier, I’ll have another article relating to this topic next week. I just want to say that I don’t condone people taking their own lives whatsoever. I’m talking about this because I need people to understand what goes on inside the head of someone that is mentally ill. Until next week please research more on how you can help someone with suicidal tendencies. You may never know; you might save someone’s life.

Also, at the bottom I’ll link two more articles talking about the same topic. I urge you all to read them and share this along with those two with friends and families. Hoping that it’ll start some dialogue in the homes.

See you guys on Writing Wednesday.

“Suicide is Not a Selfish Act.”

“Is Suicide Selfish?”


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