Author Interview: Lakeah Shannelle

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! Today I have yet another interview (It should be routine by now), but this is a new author I met on Social Media known as LaKeah Shannelle. As always though please show a lot of love and support and let's get this underway.   Please introduce yourself before we begin.... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Black/African Community.

Since it’s black history month and we’re talking about all the great things we as Black/African Americans did for this country. It seems to bother me a lot that no one, not one person uses this month to talk about our shortcomings. I understand that it’s to focus on our achievement of the past, but... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Starla Carr

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! Today I have for you yet another interview (Duh). This one is someone I got the pleasure of knowing through social media and I wanted everyone to get to know her as well. Her answers and advice are lovely, and I hope you enjoy them too. As always please show... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: J. E. Feldman

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! After an emotional post from Mental Monday. I felt that we all needed another interview from a writer and owner of a traditional publishing company. Now, this person has taken a leap of faith and gave me my shot at becoming a published author. If anything, she helped my 2019... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Rejection

Hey, welcome back to Mental Monday where today will be talking about rejection. I know what you’re thinking. “Everybody who’s been rejected went through depression.” Yeah true, very true, but how about the people who are dealing with depression every day of their lives? See, people think that rejection is a simple thing to get... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Jon Ray

Hello and welcome back to Writing Wednesday. Today I have Fantasy author Jon Ray all the way from Australia. I like to think that this series is starting off strong with a diverse crowd of authors and Jon is just adding to the fire. So, please as always show lots of love and support as... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Therapy

Welcome back to Mental Monday and today we’re going to talk about therapy. Yes, I know that’s a word that no one likes to use. So, if it makes you feel better, we could use the word counseling. Sounds good, cool let’s begin. Quick story: At the end of 2018 after I buried my Goddaughter.... Continue Reading →

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